Offset Pins in Pistons and Their Uses

There are piston pins manufacturers making and supplying some pistons with offset gudgeon pins. This is to help lower piston “slap” and consist a pin that is offset to the thrust side. Race pistons are different from the central pin design. Most engines today use pistons with an offset piston pins bore. Pin bore is moved a specific distance from the piston centerline.


In the gas engines, the offset is always to the piston’s thrust. The piston thrust side is perpendicular to the pin bore that carries major side loading during the power stroke. The main reason for pin offset is to prevent the piston from slamming into the cylinder bore once the rod connected passes top dead centre.

Latest designs of engine pistons are different as they are not mounted on their connecting rods on centre. They are rather offset, i.e. perpendicular to their rotary axis.

The piston engine has three major parts – connecting rod, crankshaft, and piston. Each part is made for different function. The connecting rod is just a part in the middle that translates the reciprocating motion of the piston into the crankshaft rotary motion.
In the process, connecting rod shares in the motion of both.

Why It Is Important To Replace Piston Rings?

Reason behind offsetting of the piston pin is that it softens reciprocal loading, letting lighter and robust parts to be used, and make engines capable of higher rpm. Since the connecting rod spends most of the time in the engine at an angle, the piston engine has the minor and major thrust. Major thrust is the downward-stroking force of the piston against the cylinder wall during combustion. Minor thrust is the thrust of the piston against opposite cylinder wall during compression. Both of these thrust forces push the piston firmly against the wall of cylinder.

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