Is The Driverless Car A Future Of Indian Automobile Industry?

Technology is pressurizing automobile parts India industry. Digital life and driverless cars are widely looking to disrupt automobile industry that has resisted change on the scale that had been seen by several other sectors. Consumers have desire to access media consumption and navigation within the car just like they access on their smartpones and this makes digital a key determinant of the consumer purchase decision.


 The manufacturers auto parts India that get it right will charge a premium for their range of products, and those who fail to determine and heed the warnings will endure lower market shares and margins.

The rise of digital car

Since digital ecosystems view the car as just next way to provide their experiences to users, OEMs are little worried as if users define their digital experience in car by Google or Apple, then OEMs will not be able to differentiate their own products. This will make their lives tougher and they will feel difficult to survive in highly competitive market. OEMs or original equipment manufacturers are not prepared yet for this new threat.

There are many losses that the automobile industry will have to encounter in numerous ways. By connecting vehicle attributes with digital attributes, automobile manufacturers will have new opportunity to increase loyalty of their customers when it is about follow-on purchases.

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 How can OEMs survive? What should be done?

For survival, OEMs need to desist from offering these services in their infotainment systems and make investments in their own ecosystem. These companies should deliver the digital life services that the user enjoys on smart devices in a way that it is optimized for the automobile.

OEMs should take a technical step i.e. they should enable OTA updates for their automobiles. There are many process issues that need to be solved to make this a reality but experts believe that this is important. Without OTA updates, engineers won’t be able to fix software bugs, and also they will not be able to update and enhance their offerings.

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